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Boy in front of Graffiti

Samples of my Photography

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"I’m not exactly sure who I am. Like many other young adults, I’ve spent the early years of my life running headfirst down paths that might lead to self-discovery, a useful new tool, or an opportunity that I might not have seen the first go around. The paths are constantly fraught with forks and bends and false summits, though the things I come across are not always what I expect.

I see these forks more than others features. At end of either path, I can hear distant voices calling my name, beckoning me forward, each promising that they are in fact the right path to take. The left path may offer a new outlook on life or some important lesson, while the right says that it is the easiest to take, and that it’ll lead me to happy life if I care to tread it.

Most people can attest that they, too, have had to make these important decisions. Some will develop a map before they take a path, weighing the risks and rewards laid out before them. Some more carefree individuals will simply keep walking nonstop, unafraid of what could happen. I am, at once, both people. I am headstrong or indecisive given any one situation, with no particular method to guide me."

Samples of my Writing

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My Accolades, Work and Education history, and Skills can be found here.